QR Codes are quietly, but quickly slipping into main stream media in the US.  This is no surprise as they are ubiquitous in Europe and Asia.  QR codes provide a bridge from static media (such as printed pieces, labels, posters, transit signs, and movie screens) to an internet page or site, transforming static media into interactive pieces.

There are many “free” online generators, but we all know nothing is really free. Communication professionals should carefully choose the code generators used to produce their codes.  Free online generators often insert a random ad before your page launch. On the backside, your data, such as when, where or how often the code is accessed, belong to someone else and reside on their server. Your data may be resold — including to you should you wish to access it later.

Communication professionals, educators — anyone discriminating about their brand associations or data — should purchase codes from a professional firm maintaining secure servers and corporate policies on data management and resale.

For more information about QR codes, download Debriefing QR Codes With Maestro here.