Results matter most.  A 2009 InfoTrends study determined that multichannel marketing campaigns increased response rates to 35%, a number that rose to 50% when campaigns were both multichannel and personalized.

New technologies are increasing response rates, but do best when used in intelligent ways.

While there are no guarantees, there are trends and test cases. Below are a few case studies illustrating the increased response rates achieved in campaigns using variable data, customizing the communication to the recipients and released through multiple channels.

Ruffing Montessori School 50th Anniversary Gala

This client was hosting a major event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the organization. In 2010, the client was gravely concerned about response. After reviewing the response rates for Maestro campaigns, the client decided to use a combination of print and email to advertise to potential purchasers.

Campaign Components:

  • Save the Date email
  • Print invite with personalized landing page (pURL)
  • Enclosed pre-populated response card
  • Email Invitation with pURL
  • Optimized landing page linked directly to shopping cart
  • Refinement at two weeks prior to the event with new landing page and new email campaign


Campaign Metrics:

  • 29.6% Email open rate
  • 10.9% Click-through rate to pURL
  • Most importantly, the event sold out!

Industry Case Studies

RIT Application Program

RIT’s Print and Postal Services department created and sent more than 33,000 printed applications to potential applicants with each student’s name, address, telephone, e-mail and name of high school already filled out.  A user name and password for the RIT admissions Web site was also included so students had the option to complete the pre-populated application online.

RIT then changed the way it reminded students about missing application information.  The university switched to an attention-grabbing postcard instead of a traditional letter to alert applicants of missing information… each postcard highlighted the missing materials specific to the applicant. The postcard, featuring images from the school’s archive, stood out among other ‘college mail’ and was also visible to parents who could then ensure their child completed the application process.  With the traditional approach, RIT was sending several reminders to each applicant about the missing information. The new postcard approach allowed the college to cut back on the number of reminders, printing, paper, postage and ultimately cost.

The programs contributed to a 16 percent increase in student applications. This academic year, RIT is increasing the application mailing to 50,000.

Full article here.

Target Clipless Coupons

“Many companies talk about faster time to market, but it doesn’t get much faster than what we achieved. Within five weeks we were able to define our target audience, create value-added variable offers and produce a personalized print campaign for more than 2 million Target customers. We achieved a 50 percent lift over our previous static direct mail pieces,”
– Heidi Schaefer, variable data project manager, Target

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