Our marketing engine integrates data from your CRM, our creative services and your scheduled releases into a smooth, simultaneous or synchronistic release across media.  Campaign results and reporting are delivered in a custom marketing console that we create specifically for you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Consult

Great campaigns begin with great planning. Before we begin any of the creative processes, we’ll meet with your team to establish your campaign goals. We’ll assess the data you’ve currently got and determine what you still need to acquire. Most importantly, we’ll determine how the campaign will measure ROI.

Step 2: Create

Now — the fun starts. Irving Stone, founder of American Greetings corporation, was fond of saying “Art attracts. Copy sells.” We’ve got the creative talent to attract and keep the attention of your target audience. Maestro doesn’t use gimmicky templates that are not relevant to your campaign. Instead, we combine creativity, technology and business strategy to create an engaging campaign that gets noticed — and gets results.

Step 3: Clean and Model

We’re not just making pretty pictures! While the designers are busy in the studio, the data analysts are scrubbing your lists and modeling the data. It’s the data modeling that sets us apart from other creative firms. Our creative design is informed by your existing data — and the data you need to acquire.

Step 4: Integrate

The designers get to be more creative and the analysts get better results when they work in harmony to build an attractive campaign that speaks personally to each recipient. The genius (and subsequent high response rate) of a Maestro campaign is the integration of data and artwork in a new and highly personal way. Your campaigns will demonstrate to your clients or prospects that you really know them and want to speak to them in the most relevant way.

Step 5: Release

Maestro orchestrates complex, multi-phased releases across all media. We coordinate personalized email, print or text campaigns that entice your audience to optimized, personalized landing pages. All information is stored in one central database and updated in real time — so no matter what phase of a campaign you are in, you are working with up-to-date customer data. Refinements — often critical to the success of a live campaign — are possible anytime.

Step 6: Collect and Refine

Maestro will track and collect all analytics throughout your campaign. We’ll tell you who opened their email and who visited their personalized landing page. We’ll set up custom tracking and reporting for whatever minute detail you want information on. Of course, we’ll also collect Google analytics and any other standard reports you currently collect information from.

Step 7: Report

As your Maestro campaigns progress, you’ll gain new information, clients and prospects. You’ll know more about how to serve them and how they want to communicate with you. At the end of the cycle, we’ll pull your analytics and data together in a report that clearly outlines your results and, if relevant, make recommendations for refinements in future campaigns.